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Most of us prefer transparent pricing so that we know what to expect when we get a bill. I feel that tax preparation and accounting services should be no different. Below are my billing rates for the services I offer. For tax services not specifically listed, such as resolving IRS discrepancies or mid-year calculations of estimated payments, my services will generally run $150 per hour. For accounting and bookkeeping services, the rate is per hour for all new clients. However, once we are able to establish time expectations for these services, we will switch to a flat fee and make adjustments as necessary.


I do not believe in tracking time on every phone call because I believe it discourages communication that could enable better advice in a more timely manner. However, if you expect the conversation may last longer than 15 minutes, please contact me to schedule a time to talk. If a phone call lasts longer than 30 minutes, please expect it to be charged at the meeting rate.


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